Dear Chess Colleagues
I hope you enjoyed the congress. If you did, please let all your chess playing colleagues know. If you have any constructive criticisms, I'd be glad to hear from you and will try to put them right for next year.
All of the prizes have now been distributed, congratulations to all of the winners. On the website, on the front page under the "2019 event" tab, you will find all the results alongside some excellent photos from Brendan O'Gorman:
My thanks to Brendan, to webmaster Peter Hurn, all the helpers (in particular Con Carey), and especially to the arbiting team without whom there would be no event.
Once again, I hope you enjoyed the congress and look forward to seeing you (and colleagues!) again next year. The 2020 leaflet for March 13th to 15th will be out soon! In the meantime, to keep your congress appetite whetted, the Heywood congress will take place June 15/16th and here is the entry form for you to download and print.  
Best regards
Bill O'Rourke
Blackpool Congress Controller